Exploring Survey Results on Just Transition

Academia de Studii Economice Hosts Discussion

Academia de Studii Economice in Bucharest hosted an event that brought together representatives from the academic, business, and civil society sectors to discuss and analyze the results of a comprehensive survey on Just Transition (JT) in Europe. The event, organized by Pur și Simplu Verde, Academia de Studii Economice, and Școala Națională de Studii Politice și Administrative, provided an opportunity for researchers from the AdJUST project, funded under the Horizon Europe program, to share their findings with stakeholders interested in Just Transition. The debate was selected as a satellite event of the European Climate Pact.

The survey results, presented at the event, offered a detailed insight into the preparedness and perceptions of firms from four European countries – Romania, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain – regarding Just Transition and sustainability. Data collected from December 2023 to January 2024 through an online questionnaire addressed to company managers and senior sustainability experts highlighted significant links between sustainability experience, organizational culture, and commitment to environmental issues. Additionally, a positive relationship was identified between companies’ leadership trust in environmental policies and perceived costs associated with Just Transition.

The event provided a crucial platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences among various stakeholders in Just Transition, contributing to shaping a greener future in Romania.