Just Transition Conference in Deva

Deva hosted crucial stakeholder meetings on Just Transition on September 11-13

From September 11th to 13th, Deva hosted crucial stakeholder meetings on Just Transition, an essential event for a region significantly impacted by the ongoing energy transition. The event brought together key stakeholders, including representatives from the Regional Council (Consiliul Județean Hunedoara), city halls in the Jiu Valley, NGOs, employment agencies, universities, labor unions, social services agencies, and entrepreneurs.

The event was hosted by the organization “Pur și Simplu Verde,” with support from the Hunedoara Regional Council and in collaboration with the Austrian Development Foundation (OFSE). This event was part of the AdJUST project, dedicated to developing a vision for a Just Transition strategy in European regions affected by energy transformations.

The stakeholders discussed the importance of engaging various sectors in shaping a Just Transition strategy, clear communication of its benefits, acknowledging pre-existing economic and social challenges, and the need for a change in mindsets. Key ideas emerged, including tourism development, green industry investment, and an integrated “Farm to Fork” economic model, among others. Discussions on mobility, energy-efficient buildings, green technologies, and circular economy initiatives furthered the goal of a sustainable and prosperous future for the Hunedoara region. These discussions and ideas are fundamental to shaping a Just Transition strategy for the region. The event marked a significant step towards creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for all residents of this area.